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29th – 30th September, 2014: Dubai, UAE

The terrain, climate, rapid economic and population growth over the coming years of the Middle East present a unique set of challenges for Utilities Operators. The GeoUtilities Middle East 2014 is a must attend event for any Utilities Operator in the region who are looking to best leverage their Spatial capabilities to meet these unique challenges.

Middle East region with its unique geography, climate and economic growth offer challenges to Utilities operators that are being increasingly addressed through the use of Spatial Technology. With an increase in population and infrastructure projects on a huge scale the demand for both power and water is expected to reach 290 million gallons of water and 80,000 megawatts of power per day by 2015. Better use of spatial data is one of the key areas of focus for many electrical, gas, and water utilities in the region who are looking to:

• Meet increasing demand • Meet Government legislation
• Increase productivity • Meet Regulatory Commitments
• Reduce Operating Costs • Meet climate challenges
• Cope with rapid urban growth • Maximize Shareholder Value


GeoUtilities Middle East 2014 will provide high level discussions for Utilities operators  across the region providing in-depth market and practical insight into how utilities operators are using the latest Spatial data and technology to meet the challenges of the region. The Conference is the perfect opportunity for Utilities Operators in the region to come together to address and discuss the key issues faced by them in the Middle East.  There will be 2 days of interviews with leading industry experts, interactive roundtable discussions and the opportunity to immerse themselves in presentations highlighting the most up to date issues facing Utilities operators when it comes to leveraging their Spatial capabilities.

The GeoUtilities Middles East 2014 is an exciting new addition to the Corinium Geospatial portfolio and is an absolute must for any Utilities Operator who value the importance of GIS in managing their assets across the enterprise in the Middle East.

Who should attend GeoUtilities Middle East 2014?

GeoUtilities Middle East 2014 is a community of leading experts from major Utility (Electric, Gas, Water & Telecoms) Network Operators from across the Middle East;

• GIS Managers • Data Managers
• Asset Managers • Spatial Planners
• Network Managers • Engineers
• Planners • IT and technology experts


We look forward to seeing you there

Kind Regards

Jonathan Guest

Programme Director,

Geospatial Utilities Middle East, 2014